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Are you a publisher looking for access to market leading relationship and dating sites? Are you interested in testing and running new offers on a regular basis without the fear of not being paid? DPLCash pride ourselves on the most honest and transparent account management and customer service in the industry, giving you access to the data and performance reports you need to optimize and develop your campaigns. With the potential to run exclusive brands and exclusive landing pages we provide you with all the tools needed to run stable and long term campaigns that fully maximize your ROI
500+ Amazing Offers
12 Countries
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Are you looking to promote a new brand utilizing high quality trusted publishers? Are you looking to enhance the reputation of a current market Brand? DPLCash gives you access to an exclusive, invite only selection of publishers who specialize in delivering the highest quality traffic to dating sites. Let us help you maximize your profits and increase your ROI today

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Here at DPLCash we understand performance marketing. We understand what it takes to be a successful advertiser and what's required to become a successful publisher, long term. With over 20 years experience in online marketing, operating on both sides of the pitch, we are perfectly placed to advise, assist and provide all the necessary utensils to help you make money. We know what's required to succeed and it's this attention to detail that we are offering to you. Operating across multiple verticals and in multiple countries, we specialize primarily in the dating arena and helping those find what they are looking for. We do not judge, we do not pretend. Everything we provide is honest, transparent and in real time. If it works we will help you do more, if it doesn't work we will show you why and help you improve.

Weekly payments and 24hr support; just a couple of reasons why DPLCash can and will help you maximize your ROI quickly

Here are just a few examples of what we can offer

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